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The backlighting process of some of natural stones is a very fascinating component of our job. The materials which allow light to pass through, come to life and acquire an amazing communication power for those who admire them. Nature ignites and becomes powerful.
Several technologies can be used to give light to matter; the overwhelming affirmation of LED technology has significantly increased the final result quality, facilitating the application of the backlight even on irregular geometric shapes or not achievable in the recent past. We are able to illuminate special shapes from the inside such as solid stone shaft-sinks , tops and worktops, table bases and statues, ovoid shapes of furnishing objects, in addition to the more traditional floors and walls. A special chapter concerns the possibility of giving light to the doors of wardrobes, kitchens and furniture in general, creating unique and spectacular effects with a system patented by TB Marmi.
The recent LED applications allow us to change the light source colour, to modify its intensity and temperature, so to vary the shade of white from the classic “warm white” to the modern “cold white” conveniently and at any time via App Wi-Fi or Web.
TB Marmi is able to fully design, create and install the compositions conceived by the designers or by the customers directly, even of high complexity, including water-proofed backlit panels to be used within humid environments, always maintaining very high quality criteria.