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Our production team is made up of dynamic young people working side by side with people boasting over 30-year experience working in the marble processing field. These assets allow us to keep achieving the highest results in the quality of the end product. The quality of the external finish of end products, which our eyes perceive, is a very important feature; however it needs to be matched with a solid and long-lasting technical structure in terms of supports and use of suitable glues and sealing materials to achieve the highest value.
The real ability of our production team to meet the expectations aroused in our Clients upon creation of executive drawings and related photo nesting is an additional strong point of our company, indeed it is the centre point of our business.
Our production team can rely on high-tech machinery to obtain the utmost precision, CNC machines as well as traditional and computer-aided, 5-spatial-axis water cutting machines (water jet and milling machines).
Machine programming is totally computer-based: this provides for utmost precision and a margin of error virtually equal to zero.