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Preparing executive drawings is one of the key steps to achieving full project success. TB Marmi’s technical department is in charge with drawing every single item to be produced, specifying its dimensions and its placement within the largest project.
We are often requested to devise ad-hoc support or fastening systems, or to equip our marble elements with movement mechanisms. During this operational stage our team analyses and proposes the most suitable solutions. Any technical proposal is supported by the product and process engineering study our team has previously carried out.
A key instrument to achieving the best aesthetic result and to providing both designer and Client with a truthful picture of the final product has been recently devised by TB Marmi. On very special occasions, digital photo nesting is made based upon real pictures of the single slabs of the material that will be actually used for a given work.
We do not create a virtual representation (render), but rather a representation of reality: Our Client will be able to appreciate a 3D model (either a digital or a paper one) illustrating precisely the grain and all the features of the chosen material as it locates precisely in the finished work.
For example, in the case of a shower covering, in our 3D model we will put all the walls in their place so as to explore this environment before it is actually built.
Our Client can thus get a truthful insight on the proposed final result and, if necessary, suggest any modifications to be made that our technicians shall take care of to achieve the best final result.