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Our finished products are installed and used anywhere in the world, it is thus imperative to guarantee a proper after-sale service.
As a first step, an Owner’s Manual is issued and supplied for each project.
This handbook is drawn up in the light of the specific materials employed in a given project, and of their mechanical and chemical properties.
In this way the final customer is provided with detailed advice on daily use and maintenance and, not to be forgotten, on the frequency and type of surface treatment to be repeated over time, which is essential to let marble, onyx, stones and any other materials supplied remain unaltered over time.
The handbook indicates cleaning and treatment agents that are distributed worldwide by primary producers; in special cases, our front office is available to provide assistance in dealing with any problems that might arise over time.
At the Client’s request, a skilled technician can intervene directly on site to remedy any critical situation that may not be solved otherwise, if it is not possible to co-ordinate non-face-to-face operations.